1969 Mustang,Reviews

Ford put a lot of effort into the 1969 Mustang. The Mustang was significantly restyled, but it was still pure Mustang. All Mustangs were lowered 0.5 inch on the suspension and the windshield rake was increased by 2.2 degrees. The restyle looked particularly effective on the Mustang fastback model, now called the SportsRoof. Convertibles and hardtops used a simulated rear quarter panel vent. The Deluxe Interior was standard equipment on the Grande, Mach 1 and Boss 429 models.

There were plenty of 1969 Mustang models to choose from in 1969. For those desiring high mpg, there was the rare Mustang E- a specially equipped Mustang Sportsroof designed for economy. Mustang E letttering on the rear quarters identified the Mustang as such.

The GT Equipment Group option was still available on all three body Mustang body styles as long as the engine was 351 c.i. or larger. It was the Mach 1 Mustang that Ford placed emphasis on for those desiring a high performance. Besides the models mentioned, there were also the Boss 302 and Boss 429 Mustangs. These limited production Mustangs were built so that Ford could qualify the 1969 Mustang for racing.

In addition to model proliferation, there was also engine proliferation. Including the Boss 1969 Mustang, there were ten Mustang engines to choose from! The two-barrel carburetor version was rated at 250 hp while the four-barrel was rated 290 hp. The 428 c.i. Cobra Jet V-8 was the top engine option. It shook, as the engine idled.

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