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Mitsubishi Montero has built up plenty of respect for the name Montero -- or Pajero, as this midsize SUV is known in other global markets. Four-wheel drive was always standard, and specialty items such as locking differentials and adjustable shock absorbers were available on the second-generation Mitsubishi Montero.

The Mitsubishi Montero was tall, heavy and high off the ground, and consequently felt slow-witted on the street. For the third generation, Mitsubishi made fundamental shifts to the Montero's hardware and driving character in hopes of improving the vehicle's appeal.

Most Recent Mitsubishi Montero
The third-generation Montero midsize SUV was sold from 2001-'06 and marked several key design changes over the previous generation. The new Mitsubishi Montero certainly dealt with bumps more forgivingly and handled with more precision than before.

We were more impressed by the Montero's interior, at least in appearance. Solid ergonomics, upscale materials and supremely comfortable front seats made the Montero feel like part of a more expensive class of SUV. The Limited added a five-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode, "Active Trac" full-time four-wheel drive, a limited-slip rear differential and upgraded interior appointments such as leather seats and an Infinity stereo.

Also in 2003, Monteros received a 3.8-liter V6 with 215 hp, a stability control system and a head restraint and a three-point belt for the center rear seat. For this model's final two years, Mitsubishi discontinued the XLS trim. To anyone drawn to a Mitsubishi Montero, we recommend models from 2003 onwards. Past Mitsubishi Montero Models The second-generation Montero was sold from 1992-2000.

Smaller than its predecessor in every way but height, this Montero was a traditional four-wheel-drive SUV with body-on-frame construction and a solid rear axle.
Power initially came from a 3.0-liter V6 with 151 hp, available with either a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission.

Initially, the second-gen
Mitsubishi Montero came in four trim levels: base, RS, LS and SR. For 1994, the Montero lineup was simplified to LS and SR lines, with the latter getting the new 3.5-liter V6 plus alloy wheels, antilock brakes, air-conditioning, a sunroof, CD stereo, keyless entry and in certain years, adjustable shocks and a locking rear differential. All Monteros now had seven-passenger seating and a driver-side front airbag. You could also go way back to the first-generation Mitsubishi Montero of 1983-'91.

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