2013 Ford EcoSport

2013 Ford EcoSport
Expanded its relentless pressure in the heart of the Asian market for passenger cars, Ford introduced the new Mitsubishi Pajero at the Auto Expo 2012 E The new compact SUV, Ford continues to increase supply in India, as in many of other markets around the world.

Modern and innovative, the emphasis was all new Ford planned, designed for best-in-class design, technology, quality and safety in the production of a new generation of consumers in different markets.

Create a recent global Ford product, a key model Ecosport to expand Ford's presence in the fastest growing markets in the world such as India, Brazil and ASEAN markets.
Developed in South America in eight centers in Ford's collaboration with global product development teams in Asia, Europe and North America for the needs of markets around the world meet.

"The new Mitsubishi Pajero reflects our commitment to our customers with cars and trucks that serve really want and value," said Alan Mulally, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company.
"Our engineering team uses Ecosport years experience in all aspects of the next generation Ecosport even stronger."

The new Mitsubishi Pajero DNA shows the Ford world and versatility expands the horizons of mobility and use.
His real SUV trust begins in the stability of the framework, reinforced by the robust body structure, high rigidity and a high level of protection for the occupants. Yet the innovative design reduces weight and offers a fuel efficiency.

Contemporary new shape Ecosport
The new Ford Ecosport contemporary form transmits confidence, while the combination of elegance and adventure in a modern packaging and intelligent. And "key sports SUV placed on how the conscious attitude, high seating position and the signing of a spare gate at the rear of the vehicle.

This attitude is the character Ecosport resistant and so solid give the appearance of a large vehicle, while retaining the flexibility and functionality of a small car.
And "characterized by a high ground clearance and lower body shell built to last.

The vehicle by a large rear window that wraps marked on the sides and the rear lights to the diagonal form.
This property defines the distinctive personality of the family Ford Ecosport: a sporty, casual self, for consumers who want to stand out and who want more life, but an intelligent and durable.

New growth markets for global products
Overview of vehicle design for the first time the 11th Annual Meeting of the New Delhi Auto Expo Ford Ecosport an opportunity to present to consumers in one of the biggest growth markets in the automotive world of future, before launching the world.

The new Ford Ecosport the new global economy segment B platform, which develops the basis of a number of new small cars Ford produced in the years to come.
Until the middle of the decade of the new B-platform is the Ford family of vehicles represent more than 2 million units of annual production like driving small cars for global growth.

The Mitsubishi Pajero is a market phenomenon since it began in America in 2003 as the first SUV in the region economically and has sold 700,000 vehicles in nine years.
He created a new segment and the popular features that most consumers wanted.

The Mitsubishi Pajero is ultra-modern, flexible assembly plant in Brazil, India and other markets, announced at a later date to be determined.
The overall Ecosport as a vehicle is an example of the possibilities of design and overall integration of the design of high Ford and engineering centers around the world.

The project was led by Ford's design center Camaçari, Brazil, one of the most specialized in the development of small cars.
The power of the team leverage Ford SUV and engineering know-how in the world we create brand new Mitsubishi Pajero.

"The new Ecosport is an important step in our process of product development worldwide," said Derrick Kuzak, vice president, Global Product Development.
"This is proof that the models of small cars can be created for major growth markets of emerging markets to take advantage of a Ford, our overall design and engineering know-how."

Development of the Mitsubishi Pajero was the market research in all areas where they are sold in shape.
This has helped to create a unique vehicle, aligned to the needs and desires of consumers. Will eventually be sold in about 100 markets.

Fill the expansion in Asia and beyond
The new Ecosport is an important focal point for Ford globally aggressive goal to increase global sales to reach nearly 50 percent by the middle of the decade to 8 million vehicles a year. Of that number is expected 60-70 percent, are from the Asia-Pacific and Africa.

"We promised more than 50 new vehicles and drive systems for Asia-Pacific and Africa to bring half of the decade and the new Ecosport continue to keep that promise," said Joe Hinrichs, Ford's president of Asia Pacific
and Africa. "With features that customers want and value in markets like India is to define this new and exciting segment of compact SUVs on the market for small cars."

The Mitsubishi Pajero is the second of eight products to be launched in India in the middle of the decade is over and the other in a dynamic business transformation, which began the coup Figo Ford and reinforced by the new Ford Fiesta sedan
to bear. Ford India makers move from niche players to increase the volume is supported by a number of new investments in the country.

Ford has recently opened in Sananda, Gujarat, through an investment of about $ 1 billion in new car and engine plants to build.
Ford announced at the beginning of an investment of $ 72 million this year (2012) to extend its already operational in Chennai powertrain. Ford's total investment in India was about $ 2 billion.

The new Ecosport is converted to plant in Chennai with an integrated annual production capacity of 200,000 units were produced and are now positioned as a regional center of excellence for Ford small car engineering and production.
Mitsubishi Pajero models will be manufactured at the factory for export to international markets.

"After the success of the Ford Figo and game-changing" tech-tastic "Fiesta sedan, the new Mitsubishi Pajero has certainly expanded our showroom in India in line with the wishes of our customers," said Michael Boneham, the
President and CEO, Ford India. "Promotion of its history, great value, we are confident that this compact SUV is considerably our presence in the Indian competitive market."

New Ecosport forces has the form
Designed to provide a balance of performance on paved roads and off-road, the new Mitsubishi Pajero ideal for the urban consumer who wants to escape the versatility of the city.

Designed by world-class standards of products Ford Global Product Development System provides the template for the next generation of the key features required for customers worldwide:

• Smart - New technologies and features Ford will be the theme of the new brand owned by Mitsubishi Pajero experience.
It offers innovative features not usually found in this category of vehicles.

• Green - Energy efficiency was a key factor in the development, such as Ford to supply fuel economy Ecosport main objectives in its segment.

• Security - The new Mitsubishi Pajero is designed to safety standards in the most demanding markets in which they must be sold to satisfy.
His body weight-optimized, high strength, developed with the latest software and design tools that combine to protect areas absorb the impact forces with an extremely rigid cell for its occupants.

• Quality - The new Mitsubishi Pajero offers exceptional quality and craftsmanship, which is the new world-class design and engineering history, underwent rigorous testing and developmental disabilities throughout the world.
Low maintenance and durability were important objectives in the development process.

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