2013 Toyota Aygo

2013 Toyota Aygo
Founded in 2005, in the heart of a growing segment, Toyota Aygo, the Europeans offered a radical alternative to the new stylish urban mobility.

Designed and built in Europe, the new Aygo sets the highest standards of interior space and driving pleasure in the compact segment.

A new version of the eco-Toyota Aygo is available, better energy efficiency and CO2 emissions provides only 99 g / km.

The Toyota Yaris offers customers an excellent low operating costs.
The Yaris comes with 12 years to cover corrosion.

In 2011, Toyota has sold more than 85,000 Aygos.
More dynamic exterior design "
The new Toyota Aygo A segment offers customers the ideal combination of interior space and driving pleasure in the more compact package.

At 3430 mm, the new Aygo only 15 mm longer than its predecessor.
While retaining the friendliness and sense of humor of the current model, the style of the new Toyota Aygo offers stronger, more dynamic design before. It combines better aerodynamics and cooling of the engine with the Toyota, as part of the language priority-shaped head.

The newly designed front bumper also increases the aerodynamic performance of the new Yaris.
New Aygo with a choice of two audio systems. A special edition of Vibrant Metallic Orange launch new Toyota Aygo has a body-colored trim rings for the air openings tachometer speedometer, and to cover the optional speakers and doors.

Increasing efficiency and driving comfort
The new Toyota Aygo is a remarkable three-cylinder, 1.0 liter VVT-i equipped petrol. Toyota engineers are constantly working to improve the performance and efficiency of the engine, reducing emissions of each work later update. A new version of the ECO Aygo is available for the first time. This improves fuel efficiency without compromising ride comfort, agility and braking performance.

Available as an option for the new Toyota Aygo is a MultiMode automatic box with a shift in fully automatic mode and without a clutch pedal.
In the E-mode automatically change gear drive to maximize fuel economy. Suitable for use with multi-mode transmission, provides the 1.0 VVT-i Aygo fuel consumption 4.5 l/100 km and produces CO2 emissions of just 104 g / km.

In the wake of noise, vibration and wide harshness (NVH) improvements in the current car introduced the new Toyota Yaris benefits from a clutch magazine pre-shock reduces noise and vibration transmission.

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