2013 Opel Astra Sedan

2013 Opel Astra Sedan
Opel Astra expands his family, a successful model with a new and stylish sports sedan. With Astra typical strengths, including advanced technology and quality is widely recognized, the new luxury sedan a more elegant and convenient for customers who opt for this type of car usually in the segment of the middle class would fact. With the new Opel Astra sedan with four doors, the door of five, the Sports Tourer wagon and sporty GTC Coupé, the line-up of the Opel Astra Best-Seller is now complete.

At the beginning of the sale in June 2012, customers can initially choose from seven different engines for the new Opel Astra sedan, four petrol engines (74 kW/100 hp to 132 kW/180 hp), three of which are combined with an automatic transmission, six three diesel engines from 70 kW/95 hp and 96 kW/130 hp). The two ultra-efficient 1.7 CDTI ecoFLEX Astra sedan models with Start / Stop and other efficiency technology to combine high power outputs from 81 kW/110 hp and 96 kW/130 hp and fuel consumption at less than 3.7 liters per 100 km. This amounts to just 99g/km of CO2. In addition to this engine offers a wide range early next year, the new four-door Astra will benefit from the introduction of new, highly efficient, powerful and refined Opel ECOTEC gasoline SIDI generation four-cylinder 1.6-liter, turbocharged cooler spark ignition direct injection.

The new Astra sedan (length / width / height: 4658/1814/1476 mm) with a wheelbase of 2685 mm and offers a great life. The trunk offers 460 liters separate - 90 liters more than the five-door. By breaking down the rear bench seat split 60:40 in the boot volume can be increased to a maximum of 1010 liters.

"With its sporty, elegant design, the new Astra sedan drew back compact four-door segment. Like all our Astra was developed in Rüsselsheim and offering a high level of technology and quality is widely recognized," says Director Opel Managing Karl-Friedrich Stracke. "Our new Astra notchback is an important part of our product offensive and plays a key role in our growth strategy. This is an elegant, less expensive alternative for many midsize four-door sedan segment, so we see great potential for conquest in Western Europe. There is also a leading role especially in our market share in key growth markets such as Russia and Turkey, where he there is strong consumer demand for small cars with a separate trunk. "

Sporty and elegant design and balanced proportions

The design team gave the new Opel Astra Sedan is one of the most stylish and elegant silhouettes. The roofline the cockpit slightly curved, and scan down through the transparent window on the trailing edge in the form of steeply inclined to the aerodynamic rear short end of the bridge. And because the C-pillar raked extends so far into the rear deck, overlooking the visual dimension of the trunk so elegant. The characteristic curve defined by more handles to the rear, the creation of a muscle "elbow" below the base of the axle and rear C-pillar.

The rear is dominated by the steeply raked rear window, an integrated deck spoiler, and the vast expanse of molded bumpers. The design of taillights that resemble other Astra models and the subtle bends that connects them adds width and avoid any impression of volume. The lamps have a form inside a wing for the function of backlight, the signing of the Opel brand. There is a more sculptural quality in the bumper where the license plate indent in the shape of the section of trunk lid. Together these elements combine to create a well balanced and harmonious design of the automobile.

The Vice President of Design Mark Adams said: .. "Having the Astra model range continues our project meeting with German precision sculpted body variants in a very dynamic personality all, we believe that starts the four-door sedan Astra sedan we are now the most elegant and proportionate in the present the compact class. "Customers want their Opel Astra sedan visually more appealing, can choose from a wide range of wheel designs in sizes up to 19 inches.

Technology standards and qualities typical of the Top Segment Astra notchback

With its sporty, elegant design, quality typical Astra and a wide range of technologically advanced solutions - some unique, some are unusual for this segment - the new Opel compact four-door sedan for customers with high expectations. The Advanced Forward Lighting (AFL +) with bi-xenon headlights and a variety of difficult lighting functions, including distribution of light varies depending on the light in the corners and High-beam assistant significantly increase active safety . FlexRide adaptive automatically adjusts the suspension damping to the current driving situation and offers the driver the choice between three different modes: Standard, Tour mode designed for comfort and more about the Sport mode. The ergonomic AGR ("healthy back campaign eV") approved the seats that are easy on the back for driver and front passenger are available. There are also various infotainment systems that make travel more enjoyable and safer. The navigation system features more than 900 aircraft that the top lines of over 30 European countries and stores a digital guide to SD card.

Compact sedan to offer growth opportunities

The new four-door Opel Astra Sedan is an important addition to the latest generation of the Astra range. In Western Europe, particularly Germany and Spain, the Opel marketing experts see growth opportunities for the new four-door model as a cheaper alternative to the elegant saloon in the luxury class. In addition, there is a strong demand for compact sedan variants in the growth markets of Central and Eastern Europe, including Russia and Turkey. Russia is currently the sales the second largest in Europe and the main European market should be in place for a total of 3.4 million deliveries in 2014. In all segments are more than 60 percent of all cars sold in Europe are sold in Russia. Last year, in the compact segment, 51 percent of local customers, has opted for a version in three volumes. Russia is the third largest market for the Astra in Europe. Because Opel has decided the world premiere of the new member of the Astra range by 2012 Moscow Show (August 29 to September 9) to celebrate.

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