2011 Honda Civic Type R Mugen 2 2

2011 Honda Civic Type R Mugen 2.2 is the unique car from Honda which designed by Northampton-based MUGEN Euro. The racing touch is also makes this car looks impressive and interesting for the racing car fan.

The fast run is the most reflected improvement for this car.
Compared to a standard Honda Civic Type R, both power and torque are up 30 per cent.

When coupled to the host of motorsport-derived components created exclusively by Mugen - including sports suspension, uprated brakes and a stunning performance bodykit - the Mugen 2.2 represents the ultimate expression of the Honda Civic Type R philosophy.

The Honda K20 engine has also powered the only two complete road cars produced by Mugen; the Honda Civic Mugen RR four-door saloon sold in Japan, plus the limited Honda Civic Type R Mugen sold in the UK.

Hiro Toyoda, vice-president of Mugen Euro, commented: "Environmental pressures mean naturally aspirated engines are rapidly being superseded by other engine architectures and technologies.

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